Who We Are 


We are a family of associates obsessed with quality, striving to build a brand that athletes are proud to wear, and communities are proud to host.  

A lot has happened since 1906. From our humble beginnings as an arch support company, New Balance has evolved into a renowned global brand represented by world-class athletes and ambassadors around the world. We innovate relentlessly, driven by what the future might hold - we're not a heritage brand, we’re a brand with heritage.
Independent since 1906, we empower people through sport and craftsmanship to create positive change in communities around the world. Our Brand Purpose captures the driving force behind everything we do. It involves being part of something bigger than us.  

At New Balance, how we do business is important.  At New Balance, values matter and character counts. We take pride in our culture, and our values are the foundation of everything that we do. Integrity, because how we do business is more important than the results we achieve. Teamwork, because together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Total Customer Satisfaction, because ensuring we are at our best is important for all. 

Our Mission drives how we work and where we focus.  We have always been committed to creating quality product for our athletes and customers, providing a safe and respectful environment for our associates, and giving back to the communities we live and work in.

Life at New Balance

The heart of New Balance is our people. Our people-led culture is what continues to make New Balance so special. Our values of teamwork, integrity and total customer satisfaction and our commitment to inclusion and belonging are embodied in our stores, manufacturing floors, distribution centers, offices and communities.  
How We Work
For decades we have fostered a unique culture founded on our values, with a particular focus on in-person teamwork and collaboration. Our hybrid model encourages rich in-person experiences, showcasing our commitment to teamwork and connection, while providing flexibility to associates. In our North America offices associates are expected to be in the office three days a week. 
Giving Back
Giving back is at the core of who we are. New Balance is honored to serve its local communities through volunteerism and the contributions of our associates. We deeply value each associate’s ability to lead, connect, serve, and contribute through volunteerism. Together, we will create positive change in our communities! 

What our employees are saying

"I really think a lot of what I've been able to achieve and the longevity I've had here is because of other people. It's because of my support system here. There are so many people that help make my job enjoyable, and I think that really says a lot about New Balance."
Footwear Design, Lawrence Office
"New Balance has good DNA and culture. You can feel it. The people who work here are warm and they respect each other, and that's definitely something you don't see at every company."
Compliance, Guangzhou Office
"It's not by chance that I've been here this long. These days, people don't stay in companies because it's comfortable. It's about the people, the leadership, the brand. Not to be sentimental or cheesy, but I do have a lot to thank New Balance for because I wouldn't have this happy life had they not had the confidence to give me an opportunity in the UK."
Business Transformation, Warrington Office 

Responsible Leadership

Responsible Leadership is our approach to doing business. It means recognizing that our day-to-day decisions impact people and the planet. We continuously strive to understand these impacts and reshape our actions to intentionally improve the lives of people throughout our value chain and protect the ecosystems we rely on and live within.