Associate Resource Groups (ARG)

Our Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) in North America are a critical component to building community, connection and culture that fosters an inclusive and equitable workplace that enables associates to thrive, have a sense of belonging, and be their true and authentic selves.   

Associate Resource Groups

Asiatic Voices
Asiatic Voices is focused on creating a safe space of belonging for Asian associates and allies. The group aims to amplify awareness of and highlight the diversity and impact of Asian cultures and identities and create opportunities for interaction and engagement in personal and professional development.
Black Soles
Black Soles is a supportive community for Black associates to thrive at New Balance. The group focuses on increasing representation and amplifying Black voices inside the company and throughout the footwear industry.
HOLA was established at New Balance to promote and support the Hispanic and Latinx communities, creating opportunities for personal, professional and organizational growth through networking and sharing of ideas that are in harmony with New Balance’s overall DE&I strategy.
Neuro Balance
Neuro Balance is focused on supporting neurodivergent associates and associates supporting neurodivergent family members. The ARG aims to establish a safe space to share experiences and knowledge and raise awareness on mental health.
Prism Alliance
​​​​​​​Prism Alliance was established to educate, empower and engage individuals, and the organization, about the LGBTQIA+ community and to create change that better serves our associates, consumers, athletes and communities.  
Product of Grace
​​​​​​​A community for associates to support, encourage, and care for one another in life, fellowship, and service, the ARG offers a space where everyone – regardless of belief – is welcome, has a sense of belonging, and can bring their full authentic self to work without judgment.  
She Got Now
She Got Now is focused on creating opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally, for women at New Balance by fostering a safe space for members to share experiences and knowledge, build a community that fosters confidence, curiosity and excellence to assist the women of New Balance with career aspirations.  
The Village
The way working parents have balanced work and raising children has steadily evolved through the years, but the greatest shifts began at the onset of the COVID pandemic. The ARG is a group of career-oriented working parents looking for community, support, and career growth while increasing empathetic leadership and impacting culture at New Balance.

What our ARG members are saying:

"Asiatic Voice has become one of my primary community support systems at NB. The opportunity to connect with other associates in this safe space has allowed me to feel more at home and comfortable with bringing my whole self to NB. My personal values, passions, and purpose are more aligned with my professional self, which has helped me thrive and grow. We can celebrate together, lean in when times are tough, and have open and honest conversations. It is real, authentic, and meaningful dialogue and support that can now be more inclusive and welcomed also to help associates grow and thrive at NB with NB's support."
Go-To-Market Process Manager,
Boston, MA
"I am hoping that formalizing Black Soles will allow our group to have a bigger impact on the company's overall communications, marketing, and community service strategies by providing insight and feedback that results in authenticity that can be felt both internally and externally, especially by traditionally underrepresented communities."
Legal Counsel, Boston, MA
"Leaving my family in Venezuela and immigrating to the U.S. was very hard. As a proud Latina, family means everything to me. I wanted to join a group that shared my values and background so I could feel like I was with una familia. At HOLA, we laugh, poke fun at each other, and have a good time while we build community. This has lessened the sadness I was feeling. Hopefully, we can offer this experience to other NB associates who are in need of a group of people who are not afraid to work but also listen to each other and accept each other as they are - family."
Manager, Protoypes and Samples, Boston, MA
"For many years, Neurodiversity and mental health carried stigmas along with them. It was not something many were willing to share. I feel Neuro Balance is a place where associates can help each other navigate and share the obstacles they are facing. Sometimes it feels comforting to know you are not alone in this, and that's okay. I hope we can be the example for those that are struggling with Neurodiversity and some, someday, can look at us and say If they can do it, I can do it too." 
Retail District Manager, Clemente, CA
"When I heard about an LGBTQIA+ ARG. I knew I had to be part of it immediately. As a Non-Binary person, it can be challenging to navigate through the workforce - not with New Balance though. I have felt supported since I started in 2016, and with the addition of Prism Alliance, the support has only become greater. I wanted to join because I wanted to be part of something. It's a place where I can be my authentic self and not worry about judgment. It's a place where I can be my authentic self and not worry about judgment. It's an amazing feeling to be with like-minded people, creating a safe place for others."
Retail Team Lead, Kittery, ME
"Products of Grace has allowed a place for me to explore my relationship with God, ask questions of other Christian faiths, and lean on the group for support. In the past year, we have lost close family members and friends. It was very difficult to go through blow after blow and it's understandable to question God and your faith. However, being supported by such a loving and accepting group and them sharing their prayers with me helped enormously. It was their light and love that helped me see that God was shining and supporting me through them. Everyone is accepted in the group regardless of where they are in their journey or their beliefs. It's about sharing love with one another and making that love grow."
Global Operations Manager, Boston, MA
"Being in this group has brought me closer to women I work with, which has enriched my life with special friendships and given me a close-knit community that I feel has been seen and heard by. I'm excited for the launch of ARGs at NB because I think these groups will help other associates feel heard, seen, and important to the organization and therefore strengthen our organization."
Account Manager, Michigan
"I had my first child pre-pandemic and my second child during the early months of the pandemic. The experiences were wildly different and provided a unique perspective on how we can better support parents during this massive life change. As we move into our new ways of working, we want to ensure we are incorporating the silver linings of the pandemic into our culture."
Sr Merchandising Manager, Boston, MA